Totally flexible coldrooms, because every customer is unique.

At Boxcold we pride ourselves in being the most modular and flexible cold room supplier in the UK. Due to the nature of our design we can build a cold room to suit virtually any need. There is almost no limit to the width and depth of your cold room and if we need to work around obstacles then we can accommodate that too. We can even offer you a 3D virtual model of your new cold room or freezer so that you can see exactly how it will work ahead of time. And the flexibility doesn’t stop there; full height doors, half height doors, wall thicknesses to suit your needs and interior shelving to accommodate the contents, whatever they may be – we can adapt our design to your precise requirements.

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Cold Rooms Where You Need Them

Customers love Boxcold coldrooms and freezers because you can install them almost anywhere!

Due to the flat pack design, our cold rooms can be delivered through narrow openings, up stairs, round corners and into tight spaces that other cold rooms can’t get to.

This benefit coupled with the flexible and modular design means we can get into kitchens, hotels, restaurants, residential homes, mortuaries, back rooms and other potentially inaccessible areas.

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